We are very excited to announce that the Akron Aviators will be joining the new Pro Basketball Association (PBA) for Spring/Summer 2021 season.

Recently we announced on social media that we made the decision to sit out this 2020-2021 ABA season due to health and safety concerns. We love our fans, players, and staff and will not play until we feel confident that it is safe to compete. Much of that relies on the personal responsibility of our opponents as well as our own players and staff. As much as we love basketball we will never place anyone at risk.

We are looking to the future and this summer we hope that we will be able to compete in the new PBA! The PBA consists of established teams across the United States as well as experienced coaches, agents, and players in the league front office. The PBA commissioner, Chris Terrell has decades of experience coaching at the highest levels in China, Mexico, The NBA G-League, TBL and more. And we’re excited to become a part of history with this new league. The 10-game season runs from May through August. The PBA is affiliated with US Basket and will report all league stats to their platform and help with international scouting for players.

We are hoping by PBA tip-off things will be safer so we can return to playing Akron Aviators basketball. However, we will only play if we feel confident that safety protocols and measures are in place.

Learn more about the PBA on their official website www.PBAplayers.com.
We are still members of the American Basketball Association (ABA) and hope to continue play in November next season.