Last night the Akron Aviators played our final game of the 2021-2022 American Basketball Association Season.

This was a tough season but our players never gave up. We lost 7 players from our summer league roster for various reasons (injury, moving, personal reasons) so this was a rebuilding year. We had great crowds and fans this year so I’m really grateful for their support. I’m grateful for our basketball shoe traction partner Grip Spritz for believing in us. And for the guys for never giving up, despite some pretty rough losses. We ended on a high note and I’m really proud of how them came together.

Brian “Essince” Collins, Co-founder/Owner

The game started off pretty close and our 20-point lead quickly dwindled down to 5 points but the Aviators rallied back to a 34 point win, 144-101 over a talented Midwest Falcons in our franchises’ first matchup. The Falcons played what will be the first of 2 days in Ohio before returning to Dekalb, IL.

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